School Climate Survey Results

Hicksville Public Schools, located in Nassau County thirty miles east of New York City, has evolved over three centuries from a native American land purchase to a microcosm of America. Many of our students are descendants of generations of Hicksville residents. Others have recently immigrated to the United States. Ethnic groups representing forty-nine countries make up the mosaic quilt that is Hicksville. Fifty-one languages are spoken within our district and in many homes English is not the primary language spoken. Such cultural diversity enriches our educational community, environment, and academic and extra-curricular programs. The community has a long tradition of providing students with a strong base of values upon which to build their future. The district is dedicated to preparing students for a diverse future in our competitive and evolving technological world. There is a strong emphasis on preparation for higher education and quality educational programs. A serious commitment to education is the bond that is shared by the entire community.

The Hicksville Public School District is comprised of seven neighborhood elementary schools with an average enrollment of 334 students. There is one Middle School with an enrollment of 1,284 students in grades 6-8 and one High School with an enrollment of 1,651 students. The district enrollment is ever changing but at the moment is 5,274.  

In the fall of 2018, Hicksville Public Schools partnered with Nassau BOCES in disseminating a climate survey based upon new legislation for the Every Student Succeeds Act and the collection of data regarding the climate of our schools. All students in grade 5, 6-8 and 9-12 were administered the climate survey during school hours. Instructional staff, non-instructional staff and parents also participated in the survey.

The survey for students included questions from the following categories:  

  • Bullying, cultural and linguistic competence, discipline, emotional safety, instructional environment, participation, physical environment, physical safety, relationships and substance abuse.

  • The survey for instructional staff included questions from the same categories with an additional category entitled mental health and physical health.

  • The survey for non-Instructional staff included the same categories as the instructional staff.

  • The survey for parents included all the above mentioned categories plus emergency readiness and management.