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2021-2022 Middle School

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Middle School to High School Sport Transition

Section VIII offers four sport seasons of participation for middle school students in order to provide more opportunity and to assist in identifying their strengths and preferences in sport.

 Middle School Fall - Boys & Girls Cross Country, Football,  Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys Tennis, Girls Swimming

Middle School Winter I - Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball,  Boys Winter Track, Girls Winter Track, Boys Swimming

Middle School Winter II - Boys Volleyball, Wrestling, Girls Basketball

Middle School Spring – Baseball, Boys & Girls Lacrosse,  Boys & Girls Track & Field, Softball, Girls Tennis

 At the HIGH SCHOOL level, Section VIII only offers THREE sports seasons as evidenced below.

High School Fall (August-November)
Boys & Girls Cross Country, Football,  Boys and Girls Soccer,  Girls Swimming/Diving Girls, Tennis Girls Volleyball Boys  & Girls

High School Winter (mid-November-February)
Girls & Boys Basketball, Boys & Girls Bowling, Boys Swimming/Diving , Boys & Girls Indoor Track, Wrestling, Gymnastics

High School Spring (March-June)
Baseball, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Boys Tennis,  Softball, Boys & Girls Track & Field

 Middle School to High School Sport Transition Facts:

1. 9th graders will now have to make a choice between sports.

2. For example: in the high school fall season, girls must choose between cross country, soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball. In the high school winter season, boys must choose between basketball, bowling, swimming, winter track and wrestling.

3. The high school fall sports season always begins in AUGUST prior to the start of school. All student-athletes must attend all tryouts and practices all week to be eligible to play. Exact dates will be available soon.

4. College coaches want athletes to be well rounded athletically. It is to your benefit to play three sports.