Communication Survey Results

 Survey Results

2019 Communications Survey-Results

A Google forms survey was created by Hicksville Public School District’s Public Information Department in October and November of 2019 following discussions by the District’s Communications Advisory Committee (CAC). The goal of the survey was to uncover a broad range of information about the District’s current communications program and demographic data about the respondents. Findings from the survey will guide the creation of a customized Comprehensive Communications Plan for Hicksville Public Schools to meet the Board of Education’s Goal 5:

To develop and implement a comprehensive Communications Plan which will strengthen relationships between all District schools and every stakeholder, enhance community pride, and further expand opportunities to welcome families into the schools by the close of the 2019-2020 school year, (1 year); with innovations continuing through the 2023-2024 school year (5 years).

The HPS Communications Plan Survey consisted of 34 questions including multiple choice, Likert rating scale, and open-ended narrative options. The survey was open to all adult residents, resident staff members, and MS/HS students. Respondents were asked to complete the survey only once and were assured their identities would be anonymous.

The survey was made available to respondents in English and Spanish. The Spanish version of the survey and translation of the Spanish responses were accomplished by Cindy Garcia, the District’s translator.

Before the survey went live, a test run of its functionality and content was run through a Beta test group compromised of 12 members of the CAC. Once the Beta group’s suggestions were applied, the survey went live from 11-4-19 to 12-6-19 on the District and all school websites. The survey was also accessible using handheld devices.

Additional announcements requesting the public’s response were posted through Twitter; email requests and a draft parent letter were sent to Principals to alert parents; an announcement and information about the purpose and goal of the survey was made at the November PTA Council Meeting; a press release about the survey was emailed to Hicksville News, Mid Island Times & Patch, palm card invitations were distributed at the November 7th Fall Senior Citizen Luncheon, and placed at the Hicksville Community Parent Center, the Hicksville Public Library, and the Hicksville Community Center.