Public Swimming Hours/Rules


Hicksville Public Schools




  • SENIOR CITIZEN SWIM : 8:00am-10:00AM
    (50 or older)  

  • PUBLIC LAP SWIM :  7:30PM-9:30PM
    • Anyone under the age of 15 will need to attend with a parent- will be subject to a ‘swim test’ to determine level of ability

  • No Fee at this time:
    • Must show a Hicksville ID
    • Must sign in at desk

  • Please see website for rules and protocols for the use of the facility.  This is a “Lap Pool” – no a recreational pool facility.  Please note that all lanes will be utilized for lap swim


Public Swimming
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*These are limited lap swim hours -
 All lanes will be used for 'lap' swimming.


-All schedules and pool use are subject to change based on the needs of the Hicksville school district, inclement weather, and health and safety mandates.

-Proper bathing attire is required for all swimmers.

-Follow all guidelines and directions as directed by pool staff. 

-Please present picture ID and sign in when entering the pool.  No photo ID no entry

-Please remember the pool is set up as a 'lap pool' and must be utilized as such.  We will allow 6-8 to a lane.

- Please do not stop in the lane at the shallow end.  Please respect all swimmers.  Please leave the pool when resting of finishing your lap swim.

- Children under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult to enter the facility.  Children under age 15 years, and anyone displaying signs of distress when swimming will be restricted to shallow water areas at the discretion of lifeguards on duty for everyone’s safety.  

-Deep water swim tests may be requested by a lifeguard at any time for any child/patron who wishes to lap swim.

-All children 15 years or younger will be subject to a 'Swim Test" administered by the Lifeguards to
determine level of ability. If they are unable to pass the test they must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

The public bleacher area will be off limits during the public swim.  Anyone who enters the facility must do so to swim. 

*Pool is Closed during school Holidays

**Please note that pool hours/days will change seasonally due to Interscholastic use and/or Life Guard availability.


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