The Honorees

2024 Joseph Roman Feeser IV

Class of 1992

Senior Digital Producer for CBS "Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley"/CBS News.

A position that has earned him three Emmy Awards for his work as a journalist.

2023 Theodore (Ted) Goldstein

Class of 1978

World renowned Computer Scientist and Biomedical Engineer

Dedicated to improving medical diagnosis outcomes using computer science and artificial intelligence

2022 John Immerso

Class of 1981

Teacher, Conductor, Published composer

Lifelong Dedication to Fields of Music and Music Education


2020 Susan P. Cronin

Class of 1962

Citizen of the World

Teacher, Accomplished Negotiator and Trusted Council to The White House

Proud to be a Girl Who Grew Up in Hicksville

2019 Howard Silverstri

Class of 1968

Dedicated to Supporting School Events, Mason's Scholarship Fund

2018 Michael P. Cain

Class of 1973

From Student Scholar, Athlete & Scout to Fire Fighter, Fire Marshall & 9/11 Hero

Dedicated to Serving His Fellow Man

2017 Billy Joel spoke for graduation.

2016 Robert Casale

    Class of 1961

    Successful international entrepreneur but forever dedicated to Hicksville.

    Class president, varsity captain, alumni leader, always serving his colleagues and community.

2015 Timothy J. Myers

    Class of 1980

    Renowned Aerospace Engineer and Energy System CEO

    Lifelong Coach, Contributor, and Proud Citizen of Hicksville

2014 Steven Skrynecki

    Class of 1970

    Chief Department, Nassau County Police

    Highest ranking uniform member of NCPD

    Medal of distinguished service

    Charter member of NCPD Pipes and Drums

2013 Captain Nancy Hogan

    Class of 1991

    United States Army, retired

    Veterans' advocate


    USMA West Point- Class of 1995

2010 Tracy Delio

    Class of 1989

    Children's book author

    Teacher of speech and hearing handicapped

2009 Robert M. Lucania

    Class of 1973

    Highly decorated commander

    60th Diagnostics and Therapeutics squadron

    Chief consultant to AF/SG for Physical and Occupational Therapy

2008 Dorthory R. Brown

    Class of 1934

    Teacher, author, historian, and community volunteer

2007 Valerie Zalewski Pakaluk

    Class of 1951

    Dedicated community volunteer

2006 Dr. Laurence Harmon Blauvet

    Class of 1971

    Dedicated humanitarian and veterinarian

2005 Denward W. Colllins, Jr.

    Class of 1953

    Army reservist, humanitarian, and veterinarian

2004 CPL. Kevin T. Kolm, USMC

    Class of 1998

    Killed in action- Fullajuh, Iraq

2003 Gerard Dombrowsky

    Class of 1964

    Dedicated leader, volunteer, and humanitarian

2002 Leonard Frank


    Builder and co-founder of Mid- Island Plaza in Hicksville

2001 Henry C. Brengel, Sr.


    Community and business leader and former Board of Education Member

2000 1st Lt. Daniel L. Hogan Jr.

    Class of 1980

    Distinguished graduate of West Point and Naval post graduate school

    Conducted research for Department of Defense

1999 David J. Dircks

    Class of 1980

    Award winning artist, exhibiting work in Manhattan

1998 Nancy Harman Stevens

    Class of 1977

    U.S. Army captain and first woman form Hicksville to graduate from West Point

1997 Dr. Leslie Becker Hecht

    Class of 1976

    Teaching assistantship on Microbiology and research on insulin, University of California

1996 James R. Lupski, M.D. / Ph.D.

    Class of 1975

    Research assistant professor to Baylor College of Medicine

    Lectured and published worldwide on Molecular Biology and Genetics

1995 Edward Saueracker

    Class of 1974

    Director of Philosophy

    Assistant Dean- SUNY Empire State College

1994 Dr. John R. Levision

    Class of 1974

    Assistant professor and journalist of New Testaments-St. Paul's School of Theology, Mo

1993 William J. Mazzei, M.D.

    Class of 1973

    Director of Anesthesiology- USCD Medical Center, San Diego

1992 Nancy Callari

    Class of 1973

    Dedicated leader in the Hicksville community

    Hicksville Board of Education

    Hicksville Council of PTA's

    Hicksville Community Council

1991 Dr. Mark J. Shikowitz

    Class of 1971

    Otolaryngologist- L.I. Jewish Center

    Assistant professor- Albert Einstein College of Medicine

1990 Dr. Kenneth I. Kaitlin

    Class of 1971

    Director- Tufts center for the study of Drug Development

    Assistant professor of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics- Tufts University School of Medicine

1989 Roslyn D. Goldmacher

    Class of 1971

    Executive Director of the Long Island Development Corporation

    Founder & President of the Women Economic Developers of Long Island

1988 Judith Clurman

    Class of 1971

    Graduate of the Julliard School

    Singer, conductor, and music editor

1987 Deborah Arnie Arnesen

    Class of 1971

    '92 Democratic Candidate for governor

    Four-term state legislator

    National recognition as legislative leader

1986 Joseph D. Zuckerman, M.D.

    Class of 1970

    Outstanding orthopedic surgeon

    Noted professor, author, scientist, and journal editor

1985 Dr. David Satran

    Class of 1970

    Lecturer in comparative religions- Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1984 Curt Brill

    Class of 1970

    Award winning sculptor whose works have appeared at numerous invitational, group, and individual shows

1983 Paul. A. Mastriacovo

    Class of 1969

    Distinguished attorney

    Received National Legal Aid and Defender Association Award for outstanding achievement

1982 Barry James

    Class of 1969

    Geologist and member of Expedition which made a discovery of a prehistoric mammoth skeleton

1981 Michael P. Lannon

    Class of 1968

    Outstanding citizen, dedicated to serving others

1980 Billy Joel

    Class of 1968

    Internationally known singer, composer, and recording artist

1979 Madeline A. Milder

    Class of 1967

    Captain of U.S. Army Medical corps, specialist in emergency medicine

1978 Dr. Michael Masiello

    Class of 1967

    West Point graduate and cardiologist

    Honored for volunteer work with students

1977 Robert H. Kagann, Ph.D.

    Class of 1966

    Researcher in chemical physics listed in "Who's Who in Science and Technology"

1976 James M. Ehmann

    Class of 1966

    Newspaper columnist, distinguished science journalist

1975 John Walker

    Class of 1965

    Inducted posthumously

    Dedicated community leader

    Founder of Hicksville Athletic Booster Club

1974 Howard Berkowitz, M.D.

    Class of 1965

    Orthopedic surgeon and co-founder of North Shore Orthopedic Associates

1973 John Barcellona

    Class of 1965

    Internationally acclaimed flutist and a member of the Moyse Duo and Westwood Wind Quintet

1972 Diane Dantuono

    Class of 1964

    Overcoming physical limitations, she has received certification as a special education and ESL teacher

1971 John M. Montalto

    Class of 1963

    Adjunct professor- C.W. Post

    Chief of Police- Sands Point Police Department

1970 Dianne Zettler

    Class of 1963

    Earned advanced degrees and became a nurse despite hearing loss

1969 Robert M. Smith

    Class of 1963

    Researcher in infant behavior and development- Georgetown University School of Medicine

1968 James G. Szymanski

    Class of 1962

    Decorated Army captain in Judge Advocate General's corps

    Distinguished military civilian legal career

1967 Donald Dorsey

    Class of 1962

    Air Force veteran of Europe and Southeast Asia who completed education despite physical disability

1966 Joseph Schlosser

    Class of 1961

    Community businessman, exemplary public service

1965 Steven Kagann, Ph.D.

    Class of 1960

    Economist and author of several research papers

1964 Dr. Leo V. Kanawada, Jr.

    Class of 1959

    Author, teacher historian, veteran

    Cited in "Who's Who of American Scholars"

    Outstanding church community leader

1963 Christopher Elia, M.D.

    Class of 1959

    Chief of cardiac surgery at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego, California

1962 Captain Philip S. Anselmo, USN

    Class of 1958

    Commanding officer of aircraft carrier U.S.S. Constellation

    Distinguished service in Vietnam conflict

1961 Lewis Yevoli

    Class of 1957

    Outstanding state and civic leader

    TOB supervisor

    Long-term assemblyman and town councilman

    Sierra Club Environmentalist of the year

1960 Bonnie Portras Tucker

    Class of 1957

    Attorney and author

1959 James McGurik

    Class of 1955

    Engineer and group leader of Grumman for the Lunar Landing Module project

1958 Richard G. Hogan

    Class of 1955

    Educator who became principal of Hicksville High School in 1984

1957 Stan Kellner

    Class of 1950

    Basketball coach and nationally known author and TV sports commentator

1956 Lt. Col. Richard G. Eisemann

    Class of 1945

    Air Force Chaplain commissioned in 1961 serving in U.S. and overseas posts

1955 Dr. Howard N. Christ

    Class of 1945

    Chief of urology at Southside and Good Samaritan hospitals

1954 Grace Fippinger

    Class of 1944

    Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer- NY Telephone

    First woman officer in the Bell System

1953 Raymond L. Rusch

    Class of 1943

    Educator for 32 years and high school principal (1967-1981)

1952 Howard Finnegan

    Class of 1943

    Founding member of Hicksville Alumni Association

    Local sports writer, editor of Hicksville Illustrated news

1951 Irwin Goldman

    Class of 1943

    Civic and business leader and a proprietor of Goldman Brothers in Hicksville

1950 Sister Catherine "Kitty" Heilig

    Class of 1940

    Maryknoll sister teaching in under-developed countries primarily at the Rural Pastoral Institute in South America

1949 Henry C. Brengel Jr.

    Class of 1940

    Community and business leader who extended family business to international status

1949 Barbara Allen Davis, E.D.D.

    Class of 1939

    Nurse and health care with specialty in geriatric care

1947 Virginia Mayer Schweizer

    Class of 1939

    Record- breaking world champion glider pilot and first woman to soar cross country

1946 Julius Schwatrz

    Class of 1928

    Civic leader and Nassau Country District Court Judge