Our Libraries

In Hicksville, we are proud of our commitment to maintaining full-time libraries in each of our elementary buildings. The links below will take you to the webpage of each of our elementary librarians where you will be able to get more information about the library program for your child's school.

Ms. Alison Urkiel -- Burns Avenue
Ms. Jennifer Coady -- Dutch Lane
Ms. Susan Peterson -- East Street
Ms. Christine Janda -- Fork Lane
Ms. Veronica Sylivia -- Lee Avenue
Ms. Corinne Mikulin -- Old Country Road
Ms. Christina Pietras -- Woodland

Hicksville Middle School Library

HMS Librarian, Ms. Claudia Lasurdo, facilitates the HMS library program and the HMS Makerspace, collaborating  with our educators across subject content areas. 

The library subscribes to a number of databases that are available remotely for students and staff to access 24/7. Students may access electronic databases that provide them with current research in professional journals and other periodicals across the curricula, from the sciences to the arts to literature. Links to the databases are posted in the library’s Google Classroom. If students are not in the library Google Classroom they can see Ms. Lasurdo or Ms. Parente for login information. 

In addition to the library's physical print collection, the HMS library has an extensive e-book & audio book collection through SORA. Students can login using their @hicksvillepublicschools.org account and read on any mobile device.

The library is open to students during lunch and after school, if not scheduled for academic purposes.

The HMS Makerspace is a collaborative learning space for teachers to explore Project Based Learning(PBL), using various technology tools and materials. 3D pens and codable Ozobots are among student favorites, and are incorporated into various student projects. Teachers often combine a library based research project with scheduled time in the makerspace to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in another format. The makerspace also holds a weekly club where students have the opportunity to try their hands on building, coding, and creating. For those interested in digital media, Ms. Lasurdo acts as co-advisor of the HMS Express Digital Newsletter and students are encouraged to join the club and contribute to the student publication.

Hicksville High School Library

The Hicksville High School library, under the guidance of librarian Ms. Christine Anderson, has become the intellectual and research center of the high school.

In addition to print resources present in the library, including daily copies of the New York Times, students have both in-school and remote access to electronic databases that provide them with current research in professional journals and other periodicals across curricula.  The HHS Library offers information covering the sciences to the arts and spans the world of humanities and language. Students who wish to use these databases simply need to see Ms. Anderson for usernames and passwords and work collaboratively with their teachers to take advantage of all the library has available to assist them in their educational journey.

To guide students' research, Ms. Anderson also provides them with a documentation guide based on the format set out by the Modern Language Association (MLA). She has also worked closely with the District's Supervisor of Science and Technology, Mr. Michael O'Connell, to compile a bibliography of titles for the high school sciences.  Additionally, the library has recently partnered with the Supervisor of Social Studies, Mr. Sarandrea, to compile an up to date list of Holocaust material to be readily available.

Themed tri-fold brochures are prepared to highlight books available in the library for particular genres.  One example is a historical fiction brochure that focuses specifically on warfare across history. Other tri-fold brochures include Dystopian novels and "Books with Bite," a collection of novels about vampires, werewolves, and various "otherworldly" creatures.  Book talks and personal recommendations based on their interests help foster a lifelong love of reading for our high school students.

The Hicksville High School Library also houses the WINGS program after school and acts as an important meeting place for students, teachers, and administrators throughout the year.  It celebrates both academics and community building.  We encourage all students and faculty to visit and use the library!