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Michael O'Connell
Supervisor of Science and Technology

Hicksville Public Schools Technology Department offers students opportunities to connect with past, present and future technologies in learning technical content, problem solving and design solutions.

Students gain hands on experience in state-of-the-art STEM Modular Technology labs at the Middle School. At the High School, students gain experience in the Video Production lab and Technology Labs exploring opportunities in design and drawing for production, Computer Assisted Design and Drawing, engineering, maintenance and construction of residential and commercial structures. Students translate learned skills into producing woodworking projects for gifts and community service giving at both the Middle School and High School level.

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The Middle School Technology Department has completed a significant initiative in Technology updating the modular technology labs linking technology to Math, Physical Science, Environmental Science, Geography, Biomedical Science and Communications. Through the use of a networked management system students work in pairs at workstations exploring technology topics developing essential skills, gaining technological literacy, participating in career aptitude assessments, developing critical thinking skills and taking responsibility for their own learning.

In the Video Production Lab students have the opportunity to explore production of a television news program, special effects, video graphic systems, television commercials and music videos. Students recognize the challenge and influence of video production classes related to film and television production and translate learned skills into career choices.

Students are proud of their work and appreciate state of the art equipment. The technology program provides students with the skills and hands on opportunities to complete projects meeting the demands of an ever changing world.