Physical Education Staff

St Margaret's at Troy Town - PE

Physical Education
 is an integral part of the total educational program.  It is that phase of education which provides an opportunity through activity for physical, mental and social development, and improvement of the individual to meet the challenges of life.  It is our mission to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for high school experiences, and also a healthy, productive and fulfilling life

The Physical Education Staff provides the students with the opportunity to develop the body, mind and spirit. It is our vision to create an atmosphere of wellness that will extend into the community. The foundation of our program lies in physical fitness, social development, skill development and the acquisition of sport knowledge. These ingredients delivered with kindness and caring will enable our students to flourish. 

Physical Education Staff 

Matthew Calarco - Director

High School - 516-733-2200
 Peter Antonicelli - Coordinator
Bonnie Stueber
Lisa Nowakoski
Charlie Schweizer
Frank Ciaramitaro
Jennifer Scott
Matthew Canty

Middle School - 516-733-2261
Phil Essigman - Coordinator
Christine Mastrantonio
Craig Stueber
Laura Klimuszko
Kevin Vandermark
Old Country Road - 516-733-2301
Robert Casale
Kelli Lastig
Lee Avenue - 516-733-2351
Daniel Luu
Alexandra Alonge
Dutch Lane - 516-733-2361
Ron Modick
Kelli Lastig
Fork Lane - 516-733-2341
Richard Hinnerschietz
 Arielle Theofield
Woodland - 516-733-2331
Megan Williamson
Al Williamson
Kevin Vandermark
East Street - 516-733-2321
Jack Fabrizio
Al Williamson
Burns Avenue - 516-733-2311
Katherine Alvino
Arielle Theofield
Adapted Physical Education
Courtney Wall
Kevin Vandermark

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