PTA Council Executive Officers

Diane Faria 516-770-8219

Vice President: 
Erin Guida 718-619-0676

Annette Beiner

Corresponding Secretary:
Christine Weih 516-474-4007

Recording Secretary:
Patricia Bulerin 516-850-0447

PTA Unit Presidents

Burns Avenue
Carolyn Pinto 516-662-4363

Nicole Fragopoulos 

Dutch Lane
Christine Weih 516-474-4007

East Street
Mary Ospina 516-721-0888

Fork Lane 
Tricia Thompson 516-428-1175

Cindy Garcia 516-233-6277

Lee Avenue
Jen Cromwell 516-859-4792

Old Country Road
Dina Pinder 215-275-2969

Kim Raspanti 516-643-4520

Sharon Olivares 917-405-6692

Middle School
Linda Smith 516-318-0036

High School 
Annette Beiner 516-250-4483

Mary Ospina c/o Special Education Department 516-721-0888

Active involvement in PTA is one of the many ways parents can participate in their children's education. Each school has a PTA unit that belongs to the NYS PTA and the National PTA, founded in 1897, and is dedicated to the improvement of education, health, safety, and protection of children. In addition, the Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) is concerned with children who require special educational services in order to develop to their full potential.The Hicksville Council of PTAs is the coordinating body with its own executive committee and representatives from individual units. Together they work toward the same goal shared by the district as a whole - excellence in educational opportunities for all Hicksville students.

PTA sponsors a wide variety of special activities for parents and students. In order to recognize community pride, the PTA Council sponsors a Homecoming Fair in early autumn, holds an annual Founders Day celebration, where PTA honors individuals, including staff members and parents, who have made outstanding contributions to PTA's goals and objectives.

The interest and involvement of parents in education is a vital part of the process, and PTA invites all parents, teachers, students and community members, to join and participate. Each PTA unit holds Executive Board Meetings as noted on the District Calendar. In addition, general PTA meetings are held from time to time. The public is invited to attend any of these meetings; however, voting at Executive Board meetings is limited to members on the unit's Executive Board, which consists of the officers and committee chairs. Only PTA members may vote at general meetings. If you would like information regarding meeting times and locations, please contact your unit president.