Drivers Education

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2022 Registration Form
click on the 2022 "Registration Form' above to 


No applications will be accepted
after January 26th

Students may PICK UP a registration form outside the Athletic Office at any time during the day.
registration form can also be found on this page.

 RETURN the Driver Education forms to the Athletic Office at the HS no later than January 26th.

*Please read the information below
 **YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT by the registration date. 
      If you do not have a valid permit at that time you will not be permitted to register.
NO Exceptions!

-The recent clarification from NYSED regarding the parental supervision “option” for the in-      car portion of driver education still remains in effect due to Car/COVID restrictions. 
  The "In Car" Instruction for the Driver Ed Program will be completed by the Parents.  If      you are unable to provide "In Car" instruction you may wish to wait for further programs as         restrictions may (or may not) be lifted for in car instruction. 

- The cost of the program will be $310.00 per student.
  Checks made payable to : HUFSD

- Students who register will take the lecture class remotely (via Zoom) prior to or after school-weekdays and possibly Saturdays, as they have had to do to this past fall and Spring. 

Student's cannot miss any lecture classes.

- Cameras (laptops) must be on at all times in order to be in attendance and receive credit for the lecture.

-You will
receive your Zoom Lecture Class Codes via email after registration has been 
completed via email- both parents/students email

-In order to satisfy NYSED, the IN-CAR Training for the program will be conducted under parental supervision.  The parental supervision process will be completely monitored by the driving school/district.

-Parents will be provided guidelines, a curriculum, and certification sheets to complete. These documents will be emailed to the driving school upon completion (to an email address that will be provided) and we will issue the student a car grade (just as we would normally) based upon the successful completion of the paperwork completed by the parents.  

-Students will have until January 26th to return the registration forms and a check made out to: Hicksville UFSD”.  We will not accept any registrations after the 26th of January.

-If you have any questions you can

Thank you for your time and consideration.


 Driver Education | Reynolds School District - Oregon

**YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT by the registration date. 
If you do not have a valid permit at that time you will not be permitted to register.
NO Exceptions!

Please read the information/policies listed below.

**We do not allow students to choose with whom they wish to be in their cars with. 

Students will be randomly placed into cars with other students. Please do not call and ask.
****You must be a resident of Hicksville to register in this program.

  • Hicksville High School offers Driver Education in the Fall and Spring Semesters only.

  • Drivers Education classes are ONLY canceled if school is canceled/closed. If there is a 2 Hour Delay it is canceled.

  • The program is held at Hicksville High School twice per year: Fall and Spring.  

  • This program is offered to students who are in good academic standing, are sixteen years of age or olderposses a valid New York State Learner's permit and is a resident of the Hicksville Public Schools (geographic boundaries). 

  • The course is held at Hicksville High School and is provided through the East Meadow Driving School located at 2900 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown.

  • Upon successful completion of the course the students will receive a Certificate of Completion which allows the students to obtain a license and qualify for auto insurance discounts.

  • Upon completion of this course the students will be provided an MV 285 document which will allow you to schedule your road test and qualify you for insurance discounts. We do not provide the 5 hour courses certificate.

  • You must wait  4-5 weeks after your class has been completed to schedule a road test. Again- you cannot schedule a road test until you receive the MV 285 document which will be provided to you 3-4 weeks after the course has been completed.

  • Students will receive the original copy of the cert. of completion of the course (MV-285). 

  • Should it be lost or misplaced it will cost $25 and take 4-6 weeks to acquire another. A third certificate will not be issued. So take good care of it. Registration will be held one day only at the high school (date specified below). 

  • Registration dates are announced over the PA for one full week at the high school for students to obtain the necessary registration paperwork. There will be absolutely no registration after the date provided at the school. 

  • There will be no refunds issued after the first week of class (5 days from date of registration).

  • Please make sure your child has obtained their learners permit prior to registration, aa there are no refunds.