Required Forms for Athletic Participation



Please download the necessary forms you require located below and return to the Coach and Nurse (as specified).

*The Physical Examination, Parental Permission & Concussion Forms are required for participation on any Athletic Team at every level (MS & HS).

**Please make every effort to have the permission/medical forms to the nurses prior to the start date for each sport so you may start practice immediately.

Physical Examination: Must be completed on the form provided by the district (below). They are valid for one full year. Please bring to Nurses Office

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Please click on the highlighted areas for the required paperwork.
Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act 


animated-arrow-image-01491- Permission/Concussion Document 
              *Return to coach the first week of practice

animated-arrow-image-01492- Interval Health History Document-(Parent Consent Form)
                ***Required for participation. Must be completed for each season your participate in.

animated-arrow-image-01493- Sports Physical Document 
                *Must be used by your physician if you choose to have your doctor perform the exam.