Learning Standards

The Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards

The New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards (2017) reflect revisions, additions, vertical movement, and clarifications to the current mathematics standards. The Standards are defined as the knowledge, skills and understanding that individuals can and do habitually demonstrate over time because of instruction and learning experiences. These mathematics standards, collectively, are focused and cohesive—designed to support student access to the knowledge and understanding of the mathematical concepts that are necessary to function in a world very dependent upon the application of mathematics, while providing educators the opportunity to devise innovative programs to support this endeavor.

Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards, PreK-12

Instruction and Assessment Implementation Timeline

NGMLS Glossary, PreK - 8

Glossary of Verbs Associated with NGMLS

Post-Test StandardsNGMLS Grades 3-8 Performance Level Descriptions

A Parent's Guide to the NYS Next Generation ELA and Math Learning Standards