Hicksville Welcomes New Teachers and Admins

Hicksville Welcomes New Teachers and Admins
Posted on 08/25/2021

The Hicksville School District welcomed new teachers during New Teacher Orientation on Tuesday, August 24 and Wednesday, August 25. The new educators gathered at Hicksville High School where Superintendent Marianne Litzman and Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Rosemarie Coletti spoke to the group about what to expect for the upcoming year. Board of Education President Phil Heckler and PTA Council President Erin Guida also addressed the new staff members, welcoming them into the district.

Congratulations to the following new members of the Hicksville Public Schools community:

Burns Avenue Elementary School
Caitlin Crowley, Pre-K; Diana Gallo, Pre-K; Alyssa Smith, Music (also at Dutch Lane School); Jennifer Vigiano, First Grade Leave Replacement; and Alexandra Weiler, Instructional Interventionist.

Dutch Lane Elementary School
Annamarie Abbatiello, Instructional Interventionist; Madison Cascio, Kindergarten; Danielle Donnelly, Music; Kelly Hill, Special Education; and Nicholas Manolis, ESL.

East Street Elementary School
Dawn McCavanagh, Instructional Interventionist; Andrea Merk, Instructional Interventionist; and Joslyn Thomas, Music (also at Old Country Road School).

Fork Lane Elementary School
Tammi LaBarbera, Instructional Interventionist; Jaclyn Nadelman, Instructional Interventionist; Miroslava Pradella, Social Worker; and Peyton Scavelli, Special Education.

Lee Avenue Elementary School
Ashley Hershkopf, Instructional Interventionist; Alexandra Iannarelli, Special Education Leave Replacement; and Georgia Paliouras, Instructional Interventionist.

Old Country Road Elementary School
Gloria Cruz, First Grade Bilingual Program; Sofia DeFalco, Instructional Interventionist; Sarah Formont, Kindergarten; Bianca Lopez, Fourth Grade; and Dawn Wicks, Instructional Interventionist.

Woodland Elementary School
Dana Carpentieri, Pre-K; Amanda Kronenberger, Fourth Grade; Kimm Pacer, Instructional Interventionist; and Kristen Waldron, Instructional Interventionist.

Hicksville Middle School
Casey Bauer, Business Education; Madlyn Brandstetter Part-Time ESL; Noelle Chester, Instructional Interventionist; Emily Cheverino, Instructional Interventionist; Jeremy Conroy, Part-Time Special Education (also at High School); Mark Guiffre, Industrial Arts; Katelyn Howell Luu, Social Worker; Jennifer LaBombard, Part-Time Science; Jackeline Lopez Sangiorgio, Industrial Arts; Jamie Marrone, English; Alexander Sershen, Home Economics; Jaspaul Singh, Part-Time English; Evan Stupak, Part-Time Social Studies; and Jasmine Sultan, Science.

Hicksville High School
Kelly Bartley, Part-Time Science; Flavia Cestaro, Part-Time Spanish; Yeraldin Columbel, Social Worker; Paraskevi Kavouras, Business Education; Mary LoBiondo, Part-Time Business Education; Stephen McSweeney, Special Education; Kelly Minot, Social Studies; Emma Pepe, Instructional Interventionist; Matthew Stephan, Part-Time Social Studies; and Jaclyn Todd, Special Education.

District-Wide Teachers
Lauren Schlitt, Deaf and Hearing Impaired and Jessenia Villatoro, Elementary Guidance Counselor.

Alison Bruno, Administrator for Community and Public Information; Lauren Castellane, Middle School Assistant Principal; Melissa Corbett, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments for Pre-K-Grade 8; Susan Guiliano, Fork Lane School Principal; Brendan McGowan, Supervisor of English, Reading and Libraries; Inna Mishiev, Director of Special Education; Vicki Montalvo, Assistant Director of Special Education for Grades 6-12; and Janet Suarez-Lovett, Supervisor of Foreign Languages, ESL and Bilingual Programs.