Google Platform Tutorials

Google Platform Tutorials

Below are videos and links to help you navigate through Google and the different apps we are using here at Hicksville Public Schools.

Google Classroom

Follow the directions below to join a class.

1. Click on this Google Classroom link or the Psychologists/Social Workers' name

2. Go to the + in the right hand corner

3. Input the code found next to the classroom name (ex. i5g543b)  

4. Bookmark the classroom link to revisit. 

You will a part of the classroom and will not have to rejoin every time.



Google Classroom Student Tutorials

Google Classroom Guide for Parents in Multiple Languages:

Albanian I Arabic I Bengali I Chinese I English I French I Haitian-Creole I Russian I Spanish I Korean I Urdu

Google Classroom Tutorial Videos:

English I Spanish I Wolof

Google Docs